<link rel="stylesheet" href="//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans%3A300%2C400%2C600%2C700">Two Brand Spankin’ New Colors For 3D Printing In Alumide To Inspire You May 2019

Two Brand Spankin’ New Colors For 3D Printing In Alumide To Inspire You

  • March 11, 2019

Go to our web shop to view what other individuals have made out of Alumide.


And plus, as this really can be printed with the technique named laser-sintering, you have absolute design freedom. You only need to create your walls at least 1 millimeter thick, and also you do not need to bear in mind our team will bring support arrangements throughout production. In other printing technologies, you want to have supports to keep your thing taking a stand on the mattress, however using laser-sintering a cushion of powder can help keep it up because it comes to everyday life.

Laser-sintering = Entire Design Freedom

Watch all of the colors in real life by ordering our sample kit. Whenever you do that you receive yourself a $25 voucher to utilize on i.materialise.

What would you publish in Bordeaux? Think about Petrol Blue? Well you can now find prints in both of these colors for 3D printing in Alumide because of yours truly.
Or find five of the very stunning prints in Alumide within our prior blog post.

By the stylish Ribble Ring into a practical hook or some cool cougar pendant, you may just discover something that sparks your interest inspires you to create your very own unique piece.

Have a look at our post to know more regarding designing in Alumide. Or should you feel confident on your design, make crackin’ and upload it to get it in our upcoming printing batch.

Watch the colors IRL

See additional bits have grown from this particular process by adding a bit of light on some pristine powder

We love the sparkly, metallic appearance that we get when printing with all this stuff. Alumide can be just a powder comprising nylon called Polyamide (PA 1-2 ) mixed with a little proportion of charcoal powder. The material has just enough metallic particles to provide a surface with a subtle sparkle. With all this taken under account, this can be an extremely strong vinyl, and also, like Polyamide, it’s marginally porous. The one thing to remember is the metal also makes it more inflexible and more brittle compared to ordinary ol’ PA 1 2.

Just like Polyamide, it’s a perfect technique and material for beginners who need a well-priced version, extensive freedom of design, and that do not want to get bothered too much with all the limitations of their printing process.


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