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  • February 26, 2019

Introducing the ‘Prorcupick’… or is it a Pickupine?

This is a relatively small print of a fun little model that is sure to be a great 3D talking point once you’ve added approximately 150 toothpicks to make him a very prickly little critter. In addition to being a great little model they have a practical purpose as well if you are happy to use them as a toothpick holder… so your Porcupick can happily live in your pantry!

Porcupick’s will take a while to print due to the amount of outlines required to make all of the holes in its back (for the toothpicks). Once printed just check all the holes appear clear and free of any filament debris etc. so they toothpicks can be inserted easily approx. 10mm. Inserting the toothpicks will take a while (because there is approx. 150 of them) and take care when doing it as Porcupicks get to be very prickly to say the least.

The design uses a toothpick hole size of 2.25mm at the entry point into the model. The hole then tapers down to 0.8mm over a distance of approx. 10mm. Most toothpicks are around 2.0mm in diameter. Please note that if your toothpicks are tight, so don’t go in far enough, you can uniformly scale the design up or scale down a small amount if your toothpicks are loose (they need to have a snug fit to stay in well and on the intended angles). The holes produced can be affected by your slicing apps precision, machines accuracy, filament diameter / volume variations etc.

This is an easy print if precisely sliced and printed on an accurate well set up machine. However, accuracy and detail is important to ensure all the toothpick holes are well formed.

Please refer to the print settings provided as well as the images for additional information…. and post images of your prints in use for other members to see.

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