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Jewelry Box with dividers

  • February 27, 2019

I created 2 different removable dividers for the box that separate it into 2 or 4 sections. They are the right height to place both dividers inside at the same time when giving it as a gift. I also created a box shaped floor panel that gives enough room on the sides to wrap around Velvet (what I used) or any material and glue it to the back side. I used a thick padding on the floor panel first and then used velvet material to go over (See last pictures above). When the floor panel is done, it will fit tightly in place as you push it evenly toward the floor. I put some hot glue in the bottom before I pushed the velvet floor panel down into place. Though it was so tight that the glue probably wasn’t necessary. I also created a placard for the bottom of the lid so you could put a message or someone’s name on it. I used some 5 minute epoxy to glue it to the lid. Yes, you could model the name right into the lid itself, but sometimes we like to have gifts printed first and ready to go before we know who we are even giving them too. So the placard makes the gift extra special and gives you flexibility to print the box before you know who the recipient is. This box and all pieces have already been scaled to what I thought was a nice sized jewelry box but you are free to scale it how you like. Though if you go smaller, I don’t know how the divider pieces will do.
Now go make someone very happy!

Link to original creators files (Also on left side of this page) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2746313


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