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Forum: How to Start a Freelance Product Design Consultancy

  • February 23, 2019

Modern Lighter Design

After departing his prior company to determine his design consultancy, he spent the first month or two building his new and taking care of two pilot projects: a lighter render for an Insta-gram struggle to obtain better exposure because of his new, and a lamp design from Blender for a customer.

Magnus Skogsfjord is just one such brave designer setting on his own.

Designing services and products for clients in your is interesting. For you personally, there’s enough time pressure that comes from working for an organization or client; while you’ve got the freedom to use vague recommendations, being forced to start from scratch may be a challenge for the job. With design that is excellent freedom comes great risk so if you are employed as a freelance product designer without the skill to bounce thoughts off of a larger team.
Both endeavors were posted to some KeyShot forum article, where product designers offered their service and advice for the businessman.

Magnus Skogsfjord
Magnus Skogsfjord

Besides exchanging shop inquiries on the techniques Magnus used, there are also tidbits of helpful advice on setting a design business, most of these out of designer Bill Gould (KeyShot username:’Speedste).
It’s absolutely worth the time for anyone looking to really go in to product style, although there exists a piece to browse in the discussion post.
Gould gave Magnus some advice on charging clients suitably and setting on your own: qualifying customers, communication using them and being needed for the job accessible.

Magnus Skogsfjord

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Read the whole (insightful!) Forum article over at KeyShot — then let us know in the comments what you think would be the most vital skills a programmer or engineer needs to have before setting off to their own path.


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