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Belt (single print, MMU design)

  • February 27, 2019

Seeking for a nice weekend project I stumbled upon this belt:
When I saw this I figured wouldn’t it be nice to have a belt which comes off the printer fully assembled?
It took more than a weekend but here we are and it works really well! With a better eye for colors and fashion than I have it might even look fancy.

Before you print the whole thing please test your material by printing test_print.stl
I had best results with Prusa PETG. Use 4 perimeters. I wear my first prototype since about beginning of november every day at home without problems (it’s orange… you can’t wear this bright orange in public 😛 )
Update: it broke today 13.1.2019 😐 I need to make this more dureable

The sca-punk color mod does not work because it weakens the hinges. If you know how to do it anyway, please let me know because I want that look 🙂

Even the design was not inspired by any other design except of the belt by LeFabShop I want to point out that there have been similar designs before concerning the hinges.
This is the first I was able to find. If you know an older one let me know.

Belt_komplett_900… .stl: 850-950mm
Belt_komplett_805.stl: 755-855mm not testprinted! but should be ok
Belt_komplett_995.stl: 945-1045mm not testprinted! but should be ok
Belt_komplett_1090.stl: 1040-1140mm not testprinted! but should be ok
Take a close look at the print preview of the not testprinted length before you print it. If you find anything suspicious let me know and I fix it.

Everything else:
Schnalle_blank-8.stl: buckle without logo
Schnalle_3DW-8.stl: buckle with 3DW logo
test_print.stl: test print your settings and filament with it
color_mod: files I used to modify color
buckle_blank.stp: Step file, so you can edit the buckle on your CAD system (and e.g. add your logo)

Added other length
Added buckle_blank.stp
Added color modifier file (the one I used for the prints in the pics)
Added test print file
Added snapp-on buckle, blank and with 3DW logo

-customizable buckle (I have to learn SCAD first though)
In the meantime you can use e.g. meshmixer to get your own logo on.
-customizable lenght (or additional shorter and longer version)
-improve durability (make it 0,4mm thicker to get an extra layer at the front side)
-find answer to: how durable is it? by testing with weights until it snaps
-more color modifyer
-add clearance at hinges


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